Fortnite is the best game ever? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

September 12, 2018
9 minutes read
Fortnite is the best game ever? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Good morning guys chaos here and thank you to everybody that interacts with me on these four night videos.

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I read all your comments all your tweets. I take in all of your crazy conspiracy theories along side mine and it’s a ton of fun. I just want to say thank you to everybody that is having fun. Trying to figure out what’s going on with this.

So today we’re gonna go. We’re gonna go really really far down the rabbit hole and I’ll explain what I mean in a second. We are also going at the end of this video stick around till the end of the video because I have something that was shared.

By somebody on Twitter that it probably means absolutely nothing.

But if epic games is this detailed and they’re trolling and well you guys will see what I’m talking about.

Towards the end of the video now before we get into the dark world. That’s right.

You heard me the dark world of fortnite really quick. I want to update you guys on weapons skins and.

Pets and people were saying oh just because they’re in the file doesn’t mean anything.

Well, as you can see on the screen here they are in there in a big big way.

this is fortnite leaks over on Twitter and.

Weapons skins are in the game.

Now you can’t use them right now, but they are there and the same goes for pets.

Even it even says in the coating that you can have a random pet selected so you can rest assured that.

Probably in season six. You’re probably going to get some variation of weapon skins to be able to put on your skins.

Hopefully they don’t cost me bucks. I don’t know and there’s gonna be some form of pets.

Maybe they just follow you around. You can’t shoot them or anything like that.

I don’t think they’re gonna be battle pets like world of warcraft.

But you are probably going to see pets now on the screen.

You’re gonna see we’re gonna take a look at the cube for a moment.

It is on its way to whaling what it did not take the direct path. That a lot of us thought it was going to get there on but it doesn’t matter if it gets there it gets there and we’re gonna wait and see what it does when it gets there because I just have this feeling.



Something is going to happen with the secret bunker. So we’ll see ragnarok who knows like I said yesterday.

He has not been featured in any of the lore any of the wallpapers nothing yet. And he’s the tier 100 skin, so.

Something’s gonna give when it comes to that so you guys can check that out then.

We are going to traverse all the way across the map to motel where I’m gonna show you this little easter egg.

That could be an easter egg probably not but if it was it would be really really funny. Now I said at the beginning of the video I said the dark world and that’s what we’re gonna talk about.

We’re gonna talk about a leak and I want to say up front. I 90% don’t believe this leak. Okay came from 4chan and There’s a good chance.

Then it’s not real with that being said it is a super interesting.

theory that if it was real it would absolutely just be crazy and.

It kind of makes sense in a way, but then again once again, I’m not drinking the kool-aid on this one.

I just want to go over it with you guys and get your thoughts on it because if it was real.

It’s a really really cool way.

To look at season 5 in season 6 and some of it lines up with what we know ok.

Here it is this user on 4chan.

Leaked all this stuff and he said this is what we’re gonna talk about with the lore of season 5 to 6 transition.

Apparently the enforcers can’t live on the earth and they have to change the atmosphere of it. Therefore.

They sent the cube now the cube creates these small domes that mimic their planet’s atmosphere.

You guys know what a cube drops irune it creates this area where it has a hop rock effect. Alright, that’s cool.

Now when the cube reaches loot lake, it’s going to suck up all the water which I’ve said the past.

I think you I think it wants water and it’s going to make those domes that it’s already left grow in size.

This is how loot Lake will be drained in the domes would be as twice as big as they are.

Okay now for the trailer for season 6, you know.

We’re gonna get a trailer when it comes they say that it’s going to go down like this the main character in season.

5 which is drift will be walking up to the cube lightning is striking all the other characters and skins.

they’re getting thrown back, but it doesn’t hurt drift and there was a wallpaper with a.

Dino guy getting struck and drifts in front of it and it’s not happening to him. Okay.

He’s the good guy of this whole storyline. So it keeps trying to strike drift until it eventually.

Explode. Alright. Alright, bear with me none of that sounds too far-fetched, right? Okay.

now the map changes the bunker at wailing woods will open up and.

Supposedly the person inside is building a chicken restaurant.

I have no idea what that means a restaurant mascot.

Apparently the restaurant will become an amusement park and replace wailing woods if that’s the case and that’s what’s in the secret bunker.

I am kind of disappointed to be honest with you.

But whatever other new restaurants with their own mascots would open up in the der burger will expand.

Lowly Lodge is damaged by the explosion of the cube and it’s turned into a tourist attraction.

Similar to dusty diner has rideable canoes caves and a river now.

Here’s the part where it gets kind of crazy a black hole is left in the middle of.

loot Lake and during the season the enforcers will build this futuristic city around the loot Lake area and the black hole and.

Supposedly this black hole is a portal to the dark world. Now if you guys remember the wallpaper we saw with the bright bomb or touching the cube and.

Looking at her reflection in there and it’s an evil bright bomber on the other side. This is their reference to the dark world.

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