How to download Far Cry 5? For Free or Best Price? ⭐️⭐️⭐️

May 3, 2018
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How to download Far Cry 5? For Free or Best Price? ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ubisoft is currently developing many game series like Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six. Far Cry 5 surprises in the review at least with its scenario, but also with how little it makes of it.

Far Cry 5
Many important stories can be told about cults, sects and brainwashing. How tempting charismatic leaders can be when you simply cannot find happiness in your own chaotic everyday life. Stories about how an allegedly harmless group of believers push themselves step by step into every pore of their own lives. How to become totally dependent as an experienced person. And how germ cells of mistreatment can develop in the middle of enlightened states.

How to Download Far Cry 5?

Culturalism expert Rick Ross (not the rapper) tells us about the Colonia Dignidad, for example: A fortified settlement of German origin in Chile, where people were mistreated, tortured with electric shocks and mentally mutilated for decades. The same Rick Ross is the consultant for the developers of Far Cry 5 which is now available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Tech check:

But what makes Far Cry 5 out of such a sensitive, highly explosive topic? Genetically engineered killer wolves, wild chases and zombies! So not of the undead kind, but drug victims who are declared brain-dead in the game and run at the player out of pure instinct. You have to kill her several times, strangely enough she can also bait other people with small meat baits.

Far Cry 5 is the Michael Bay version of a subtle preoccupation with the theme of cultism. Here and there you can see successful approaches, all in all we look at a facade behind which the usual Open World all sorts of past series parts are concealed. But hey, maybe this is fun to play with.

Shooters can be stupid

Now, of course, one can throw in: “What do you expect for a profound story in an Open World shooter? “Of course there’s a lot of shooting going on!” That’s true, too. Shooters can be stupid, of course. Let’s be honest, if the basic idea of Far Cry 5 is to sift through hundreds of hillbillies with the Kalashnikov in fictitious US-American Hope County, then a story in the Steven Seagal caliber is naturally closer than Carl Jung’s depth psychology.


But Far Cry 5 has been raising expectations for months that we’re dealing with an adult story here. Terrorism from the United States. Religious fanaticism. Exaggerated patriotism. Ubisoft’s producer Dan Hay stated at E3 2017 that games are now mature enough to comment on such explosive topics as films and books. Far Cry 5 writes this yardstick on the package, and here the game is wasting immense potential.

For the framework sounds really exciting: the charismatic Joseph Seed has gathered around him in the middle of Montana an apocalyptic religious community that is preparing for a kind of holy war against the rest of the world.

To this end, his brother Jacob Seed raises an army of gullible disciples, who are brainwashed into soldiers. Sister Faith Seed uses drugs to keep the workers compliant. And the youngest brother John Seed takes care of the PR and the appearance of legal legality. A terribly nice family.

Shopping clothes for the first time

As a player, you can take on the role of a young policewoman or a young policeman, simply called rook by everyone (as an abbreviation for rookie). In a very functional character editor you pick out your favourite hair, dress the character (for whatever reason you need it in a first person shooter) and off you go to Hope County.


The goal: to arrest Joseph Seed and his family. Of course, things go wrong, the own troop from US Marshals gets under fire and you end up alone in the open game world.

We have an almost 30-hour journey ahead of us, Rook finds new allies, gathers surviving colleagues and fights his way through three areas, each owned by Jacob, John and Faith Seed. While you gradually free the landscapes from evil cultists, the game finds almost a dozen times some reason to make Rook unconscious (sometimes drugs, sometimes stunning arrows, sometimes brainwashing).

Then we wake up to  one of the seed siblings and are allowed to listen to dialogues with the villains, who look like painting after Far Cry numbers: How Vaas Montenegro fromand Pagan Min from the seed villains keep talking to us calmly, cautiously, almost friendly, looking Rook deep in the eyes. And then there’s a punch line at the end to show how incredibly evil this family is.
More appearance than reality

These scenes may be shocking if you’ve never played a Far Cry before, but behind Joseph Seed’s “I’ll kill babies” facade is actually just hollow talk. Until the end the cult movement hardly gains substance – and even if there is a shocking twist, it doesn’t make the way to the finale and Joseph’s personality more interesting. Especially since our own figure remains completely silent.

The NPCs you meet torpedo Rook with trivial slogans. Among the highlights are already weird birds such as Senator Hurk Drubman Sr., who, under the motto “Make Hope County Great Again”, rises to caricature with a canonade of Redneck slogans and anti Obama slogans. A little side note: This is the father of Hurk from Far Cry 3 and 4, who is also available as buddy for Rook in part 5.

Most of the interactions with the inhabitants of Hope County, however, remain background noise that you quickly forget. In addition, the more important characters from Rooks team are actually driven several times by the more or less identical plot twist (keyword: brainwashing). Yawn.


Far Cry 5 can be compared to: The Division.  The scenarios around fanaticism and pandemics were elaborately researched, but in the finished game turned into a rather outrageous plot with completely irrelevant figures, dialogues and statements. But hey, this way you can at least leave the babbling behind and explore nature in good conscience. Because like post-apocalyptic New York, there’s a lot to see in Hope County.


Far Cry 5 offers microtransactions, so you can buy in-game items for real money. Therefore, we have examined in detail whether there are playful advantages that justify a Pay2Win devaluation according to ours. Far Cry 5 offers cosmetic items for real money, i.e. clothes or certain weapon skins. In addition, you can get to strong weapons or armed vehicles early on. However, all available items can be quickly obtained through ingame currency. So you don’t have to rely on the real money shop in any way. We are therefore refraining from devaluation.

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