Millions of users are registered with the music app

May 3, 2018
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Millions of users are registered with the music app

Millions of users are registered with the music app. The app is especially popular with young people.

Move your lips a bit, dance to it, record it on video and then share it with friends: This is the basic idea behind the app “”.
Experts suspect that it is especially young people who like the app. Some “musers” – as the users of the app are called – have become real stars with millions of followers. Similar to well-known YouTubers there are even fan meetings.

Using the app safely

As with many apps and social networks, there are some points to consider when you want to use the apps without getting into trouble:

  • Set to “private”: So that not everyone can see your videos, set your profile to “private”. You can then decide for yourself whether you want to send videos to individual friends.
  • If you are younger, talk to your parents – maybe you can watch them together.
  • Turn off location detection in the app – otherwise others can see where you upload your short music videos.
  • In the app you will find well-known music you can use. Don’t upload music from your favorite artist to the app – this can cause problems.
  • If other people appear in your videos – friends, for example – you shouldn’t send the video to others if one of them doesn’t want to.

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