12 tips for (more) fans and Musically Likes 12 tips for (more) fans and Musically Likes

12 Tips for Musically is becoming more and more popular and the competition is growing. If you want to score with your music videos, you need creativity and charm. These 12 tips will tell you how to get more fans and Musically likes on this app. 12 tips for more fans and likes

  • Be yourself

Each of the 12 tips for more fans is based on the first and most important advice: Stay authentic. You can’t stand out from the crowd when you copy someone else. Develop your own ideas that suit you. At best, your music videos reflect your personality. This makes you unique and appeals to a special group of fans who follow you faithfully when they recognize themselves in you.

  • Have fun

Loosen up! If all you think about is how to get as many fans as possible in a short time, your videos will seem very cramped at some point. The more fun you have with your music videos, the more fans and likes you get. You can see if you are passionate about it and you transport that in your videos.


  • Strategy

Develop a strategy. Think about how you look and what you want to say with your videos. Of course, no one expects a profound message, but a consistent focus helps you sharpen your profile. The more you emphasize your individual touch, the more users become your fans and liken your videos.

  • Collect ideas

Integrate into your everyday life. If you are unconsciously always looking for an idea for your next music video, you will have many ideas. Use a notes app to record everything you can think of during the day. So every night you’ll have a list of ideas for videos that you can put into action immediately or later. Many ideas equal more music videos equal more fans and Likes.

  • Post frequently and regularly

This brings us directly to the next of the 12 tips for more fans: Publish many videos. Famous stars post several videos daily. The number of your contributions increases your reach and thus also the number of your fans and likes.

To better organize your activity on, you should think about when you have time to produce videos a day. Use an app that reminds you that it’s time for another video. If you want to keep your fans happy, you should deliver daily.

  • Liken, follow, comment

Draw attention to yourself by liking videos from other users and leaving meaningful comments. You should lick regularly and a lot. That’s how you get attention. In return for a like, many also thank you with a like. With a little luck you will win a new fan, who often liked and commented your videos. Of course you should also follow other users you like. The chance for a backfollow is then even higher. Note: You should not exaggerate, otherwise may block your account.

  • Share music videos on other networks

Besides you surely use other social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. You can share your published music videos on many other networks and multiply the reach of your clips. Image networks like Instagram are great for sharing your music videos. Meanwhile there are many hashtags for Instagram.

  • Using effects

Edit your videos with effects and the Face Filters to generate more fans and likes. With it you can individualize your videos and shape your style. For example, by always using the same filter. There is no limit to your creativity here.

  • Using Apps for Editing

Use apps to edit your videos and get new fans and likes. There are many apps for video editing like Funimate (iOS) / Funimate (Android), which in the free version edit videos and add filters and effects. This way you can give your videos an even more personal touch and set yourself apart from the other musers.

  • Using Challenges

Use the Challenges regularly. They have many viewers and you increase the number of those who see your video. If you make it to the top, there are a lot of Likes and new fans in it for you.

  • Duet with other Musers

Another way to become better known and to attract the attention of other musers are duets with others. This not only gives you more Fame, but also strengthens the connection to your fans. To start a duet, two musers must follow each other. This means that at the beginning of your career you will probably only be able to do duets with musers who have as many fans as you do. But there is one trick you can use to get a chance at a duet with a better known Muser.

  • Create a Story

Like Instagram, users can create a story on Use this feature now and then. You can use it to stage your music videos and present your fans with up to four clips at once. A nice change to the extremely short videos of the social app.