Parents should worry about ❓❓❓

May 3, 2018
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Parents should worry about ❓❓❓

Most parents know the app: This is especially true for parents of girls. Even the aggressive pink on the homepage makes it clear that girls in particular should be addressed. has developed into a must-have app for them.

The kids sing lipsynchronously to current hits or music of all kinds (sometimes also to comedy), dance with it, set themselves in scene – and record everything with the app as a video. Sometimes it looks really great. It’s obviously fun to express yourself that way. Or even being a kind of pop star for once.

Group pressure: Join in – and top the others

But as always in life, there is also a kind of peer pressure. If other girls and boys on can do something you can’t do yourself, you just have to learn it: dance steps, facial expressions, gestures, or trick effects. That wouldn’t be too worrying. What is worrying, however, is what happens from here on. Especially girls decide – usually unconsciously – for sexy poses, playing with their femininity. And post these videos on the portal of

This in turn inevitably attracts pedophiles. You have to say it so clearly: is obviously full of people who not only like to watch the girls, but also want to motivate them to go further. Postings like “Cute!”, “Sexy!”, “More of it!” or: “Take your things off”. Not isolated cases, but the order of the day. Especially with younger girls, unfortunately, the alarm bells don’t necessarily ring.

Of course, thanks to anonymity on the net, you don’t know who is behind the profiles. The British broadcaster Channel 4 has been warning for some time that children and young people are being harassed on Also the portal mobile-safe has considerable doubts: Actually the App may be used only starting from 13 years, but the reality looks naturally different. Even significantly younger kids use the app and present themselves publicly. The danger: strangers not only watch, but may even make contact.

Threatening, because the app provider hardly controls who logs in. E-mail address is enough. Although the postings are monitored, this is hardly enough given the amount of comments. And: If you’re not careful, post your videos publicly, because that’s the default setting.

Parents should therefore be aware of this problem. It is imperative to check the settings. Videos should only be stored “privately” so that nobody can see them – in no case “publicly”. Even if the offspring may not like it, but that must be the case. Parents should therefore take the time to see what the kids are doing with the app. Anything else would be irresponsible.

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