We just test Musically App for get more famous 😎

May 3, 2018
4 minutes read
We just test Musically App for get more famous 😎

General information

With you can record 15-second videos, so-called “musicals” for well-known songs, edit them with creative effects and then share them with your followers. Thanks to playbacks you don’t have to sing the songs yourself – it’s your performance that counts, how you present and interpret the song. If you prefer to speak, you can also repeat funny quotes from films or series. You can follow other “musers” and rate their videos and share your own or other videos on other social networks.

  • Function & Operation

The operation is intuitive and easy to understand after a short familiarization period. The menu gives you access to all users you follow, a search function, your profile and of course the button with which you can record and edit your own performance. Using hashtags the created musicals are assigned to certain categories (e.g. #duet, #girl or #comedy). The hashtags also serve as a search function: shows a list of the best videos for each hashtag and for each song.

Tip: Our partner klicksafe has published a new guide for the safe operation of

  • Cost traps, data security & misuse

The app requires numerous permissions during installation, but most of them can be assigned to the functions very well. But you should be aware that also collects a lot of data and is suspected of passing it on to advertising networks. To use you have to register: Either with your Facebook or Twitter account or with an email address.

When taking the picture, make sure that the right to your own picture and the copyright are preserved. Copyright in particular can become a problem if you perform on familiar songs and then share the video publicly via social networks. There should be no problems with the song excerpts provided by, but other songs are taboo!

crazy-musically can officially be used from the age of 13. Nevertheless, there are many minors, some of whom are significantly younger! Attention: In the default settings your profile is public! We therefore recommend that you change your account to “private account” in the settings. In addition, reads your location data by default and displays them publicly in the app. You should also change this in the settings.

Beyond that good reporting possibilities are obligation: You have in the possibility of reporting videos and persons and of blocking contacts. However, because videos are not filtered, you may come into contact with content that is unsuitable for young people or children. The possibility to delete your account is missing completely.

Unfortunately, all information regarding copyright, privacy and terms of use of the app is only available in English. You want to know more about this? The mobile secure site has carried out an extensive test of data protection and access rights.

  • Conclusion & Recommendation offers a great fun factor: Cool songs, a suitable performance and nice effects provide for funny videos, which can be shared via (best account to private!) or other networks. The difficulties with the data protection and the copyright cloud the pleasure – who remains with the songs provided by, should get however no problems. Dubsmash and also Snapchat must dress warm in any case!

And by the way: has already produced the first stars: 13-year-old twins Lisa and Lena from near Stuttgart perform their songs in front of an audience of millions.

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